Lenses: DataOps platform for Kafka

Lenses is the leading Developer Experience for building event-driven applications on Apache Kafka.

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Some of the benefits of using Lenses include:

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Some of Lenses features


Build SQL Applications

Build and deploy real time applications with SQL and deploy them over your existing infrastructure such as any Kubernetes or Kafka Connect cluster.



Collapse multiple Apache Kafka APIs into one. Manage your entire Kafka environment and flows via a single CLI, protected by role-based security and service-account tokens.


Consumer Lag Monitoring

Proactively monitor consumer group lag and partition assignment. Create custom alerts and integrate them into your favourite tools or expose lag metrics to 3rd party tools via an endpoint.


Data Catalog

Google-like search & automatic data discoverability of your data entities & metadata generated by your real-time applications.

Lenses Version Control

Application Deployment

Deploy and run SQL-based real time applications over any Kafka Connect or Kubernetes infrastructure including AWS EKS.


Data Discovery

Discover sensitive data stored and processed across your environment and applications.


Data Observability with SQL

Explore metadata and payload across Kafka, Elasticsearch & Postgres data entities. Protected with role-based security and data anonymisation rules. Accessible via Web, CLI and API.


Data Masking Rules

Meet data compliance by obfuscating data across Kafka, ElasticSearch or PostgreSQL data stores.