Lenses Services

Lenses has been a leader in the Kafka community for years. Working with the very first adopters and largest enterprises to offer data observability & governance, ensuring success & productivity when developing event-driven applications. Octamis offers a worry-free experience to accelerate your success with Kafka and Lenses, whilst relieving your team of unnecessary burden. They work with your platform engineers and developers to ensure the full value of Kafka and Lenses is achieved to improve the developer experience and productivity.

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What We Offer


Architecture design, sizing, security, deployment best practices are just a few of the tasks provided by our team.

Deployment & Configuration

Octamis installs and configures Lenses, integrating with your CI/CD pipelines, adapting your helm charts or integrating with your SSO. Octamis can also provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Data Apps & Automation

Making Lenses part of your CI/CD & GitOps is a priority for us, ensuring maximum adoption of Kafka. One of the option is to leverage the Lenses CLI. To get a better visibility and understanding of your Kafka platform, Octamis maps applications & lineage in Lenses' topology. Octamis can also help accelerating data consuption and processing by using LSQL for data processing.

Best Practices & End User Adoption

Octamis provides customised end-user workshops to drive adoption, ensures that the best practices are used for RBAC and that compliance is met for your business critical applications.


How We Work?


Understanding your needs

There are many ways to perform a task but only one optimum way to fit your process, your team, your company. Octamis works with you to achieve that goal.


Fully trained consultants

Octamis ensures that all our consultants are fully trained to the highest possible qualification and training level.


A whole team behind each consultant

Octamis is composed of only highly skilled consultants. However, even the best ones cannot know everything. That is why, for every project, our consutants can rely on the team to share ideas and opinions and choose the best solution to a given problem.


Regular goal checks

Priorities change all the time. Octamis regularly reviews consultants' tasks to identify current priorities.