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Get full control of your data stream. Make sure that data looks the way you want, source it the way you want, send it where you want. Octamis is here to accelerate the magic.

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What We Offer

Design And Architect

Octamis ensures that Cribl is designed and architectured to fit your environment. It involves spending time with your team to ensure that the requirements are understood by us and the Cribl.

Installation And Configuration

Octamis installs and configures the Cribl Leader, Workers and Edge following the defined architecture, ensuring best practices are followed.

Data Onboarding

Octamis onboards, transforms, enrich and route customer data to the desired destination. This includes all sources and destinations supported by Cribl.

Data Migration

Octamis migrate the data from current data stream such as Splunk Universal and Heavy Forwarders to Cribl Stream. During the migration process, the data can be optimised for the specific destination.

Pipeline Optimisation

Octamis helps to optimise customer’s existing pipeline to save processing power on the Workers and Edge agents.

Cribl By The Hour

This service allows you to have access to one of our Consultants remotely. You decide what the topic of the session is and communicate to us over the phone, via a remote session or give us a task to accomplish on our side over an email.

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How We Work?


Understanding your needs

There are many ways to perform a task but only one optimum way to fit your process, your team, your company. Octamis works with you to achieve that goal.


Fully trained consultants

Octamis ensures that all our consultants are fully trained to the highest possible qualification and training level.


A whole team behind each consultant

Octamis is composed of only highly skilled consultants. However, even the best ones cannot know everything. That is why, for every project, our consutants can rely on the team to share ideas and opinions and choose the best solution to a given problem.


Regular goal checks

Priorities change all the time. Octamis regularly reviews consultants tasks to identify current priorities.

A team trained to the Cribl Certified Services Consultant level